Emeryville, CA


kuy teav, noodles


kuy teav phnom penh (soup)

rice noodles, minced pork, pork slices, crispy garlic, herbs, khmer pork & shrimp broth

kuy teav veggie (soup)

rice noodles, greens, eggplant, fried tofu, crispy garlic oil, herbs, toasted seaweed and roasted veggie broth

kuy teav- cha! 

stir-fry noodles, sweet and tart tamarind sauce, fresh chives, eggs and peanuts 

kampot cold noodles

fresh cold rice noodles, coconut-fish dressing with lemongrass beef or roasted veggies, herbs and sambal



bai, rice

served with jasmine rice

short-rib red curry short ribs, coconut milk, kroeung, red chili paste, potatoes, fried shallots

kampot peppercorn fried chicken chicken wings, salt & black kampot peppercorns, lime and kampot pepper sauce!




khmer chicken salad

organic greens, chicken, sweet and tangy lime fish sauce dressing, crushed peanuts and shallots

num pang sandwich

lemongrass beef or coconut pork. french baguette, pickled veggies, cucumber, pate, & side broth




Bai Treap

sticky rice in palm sugar, coconutmilk, topped with freshly grated coconut 


*we continually update our menu so please keep in touch.